The Power of Eternal Love highlights the spiritual connection between mother and daughter and magnifies the true essence of this love through the empowerment of loss. Love is the most powerful element of the universe and continues on from our world to the next. The communication between mother and daughter shows beautifully how love is the central part of this life, and what our rebirth will be like in the next.   

Journey to the Rainbow is an emotional but enlightening story of a family who suddenly loses their vibrant 12-year-old daughter, Elianna. Through the heartache and pain the family endures, they realized there is more to life than this earthly world as they began to witness and experience signs, dreams, visions, apparitions and communication from Elianna. From her new spiritual dimension, she helps the family move forward by letting them know that her spirit is still alive and that she will forever be with them.The family learns that death is the beginning of a new life and the soul lives on. These profound experiences help her brother Daniel, sister Jessica, and her parents, Dan and Louise, along their turbulent journey of grief. Through all the sad yet wonderful experiences they know Elianna is only a heartbeat away.
Inside Forty Poems for Restless Nights you will discover simple poetic prayers and poetry. On those restless nights when you toss, turn, pull the covers up and shove them off again, put on the light, open the book and read a page or two. Each poem is accompanied by a Bible verse to help ease your mind bringing you closer to Jesus. Please don't be anxious. Whatever your worry I pray you will be comforted. A sweet little prayer I love: "Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together cannot handle." Believe this! Believe in yourself, Believe in God. With compassion for all who suffer from restless nights, Suzanne Simonovich encourages a nightly ritual of prayer while reading this sweet little book.
Excerpt - From Baum to Maguire:
"Fairy tales are powerful stories that both influence and reflect on readers'  lives. The Wizard of Oz is known as the first American fairy tale; Maguire's Wicked is a fairy tale for adults. As fairy tale scholar, Sheldon Cashdan, explains, "images and themes from fairy tales regularly insinuate themselves into our thoughts and conversations, functioning as metaphors for our most fervent desire's and deepest hopes" (18). The Wizard of Oz is a powerful fairy tale that has captured audiences for over 100 years, continuing to do so today; according to Cashdan, over one billion people have seen the movie or read the book (218)."