Suzanne Simonovich was born in Chicago, Illinois where she attended parochial schools and enjoyed the educational playground of the museums on Lake Shore Drive; the architectural beauty of the city, and its churches still inspire her today.  Suzanne and her husband Mel have been been blessed with the vocation of marriage for 44 years, have six children and Thirteen grandchildren.

“I feel a call to educate, inspire, and amuse, or encourage a tear of compassion; to leave a legacy of love and spirituality for myself and for my mother who made an unselfish career choice of motherhood in lieu of journalism. In retrospect, I believe I can keep her memory alive by writing.”  While working on that premise, she also finds delightful companionship as a member of an intensive writing group. She has a shared obsession to distinguish truth and fiction, finding intrigue in those that have the uncanny ability to amalgamate the two, into fascinating prose.  

Currently she pursues a persistent desire to publish works from fellow writers, particularly those who need to tell their story about how God has made a definite impact in their lives. Their is an urgent need for readers to hear these amazing, relate-able stories and find comfort in them. Suzanne continues to write and help others publish their works and projects dear to her  heart.”  Two of Suzanne’s favorite quotes from the Bible: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 and“He who returns an honest answer plants a kiss on the lips.” Proverbs 24:26