Sunshine Sentiments Presents 



Louise Suzanne Boyd  

Louise Boyd has mastered the importance of accepting grief. In her new book you will witness the bravery of this loving mother. Her writing is passionate, thoughtful and compelling as she reveals facts about reuniting with her daughter's soul.  We invite you to read where this deep awareness can help you communicate with the pure souls of your loved ones. Click on the book and you will be directed to her website! 

Inside Forty Poems for Restless Nights  you will discover simple poetic prayers and poetry. On those restless nights when you toss, turn, pull the covers up and shove them off again, put on the light, open the book and read a page or two. Each poem is accompanied by a Bible verse to help ease your mind bringing you closer to Jesus. Please don't be anxious. Whatever your worry I pray you will be comforted. A sweet little prayer I love: "Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together cannot handle." Believe this! Believe in yourself, Believe in God. With compassion for all who suffer from restless nights, Suzanne Simonovich encourages a nightly ritual of prayer while reading this sweet little book.